About Me

I’m Steven Rosson, a smart home developer and hobbyist in Dallas, Texas.

I started my journey into smart homes in 2011 (a few months before the first Nest was released) with this basic WiFi Thermostat I could control from my phone. A few years later in 2015 I received an early invitation from Amazon to purchase the original Amazon Echo. In 2016 I began buying smart power switches and lights to control with the Echo, and in 2017 I expanded the system to include a Wink Hub 2, a variety of sensors, and a dedicated (and very tiny) computer running Home Assistant to make everything extra smart.

I most enjoy working on features that solve problems around the house, e.g. my smart pill bottles that email you when it’s time for your next dose, or telling Google to send the robot vacuum to the kitchen. My family also enjoys the security and peace of mind that a well designed smart home brings.

I’m always happy to share what I’ve learned with others, and am up for the occasional smart home consultation as time allows. Please feel free to get in touch!